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 Black & Decker LE750 Edge Hog 2-1/4 HP Electric Landscape Edger

An edger is a tool used in a garden for many purposes. Some applications include separating a lawn from the walkway and other surfaces such as a sidewalk or a path. An edger can be manual and also automated. An automated lawn edger employs a petrol engine and an electric motor while the latest lawn edger has a four stroke engine. What is the best rated cordless electric lawn edger tool in 2015.

Applications of an edging device

An edger enables its user to create a separation between a walkway and a lawn. This is very helpful as the area which should be used for walking is not in jeopardy because of a lawn or garden. A lawn edging machine also imparts an appearance which looks very neat and gives a beautiful look to the environment and surroundings. This is achieved by just moving away the border of the walkway and the lawn.

Manual edger

A manual edger includes a hemispherical blade that is broadly shaped and attached to a handle which is elongated. The handle is used by an operator to help stepping on the blade and driving it deep inside the lawn and turf. This will clear a space between the hard surface and the lawn.

Automatic edger

An automated edging device which is basically a gasoline one consists of an engine, pulley, blade and a belt tensioner. An automatic edger consists of a belt and two pulleys while the tensioner is used for going deep into the grass and gaining a larger RPM. A device called the ‘Robot head’ is also inducted in and automated edger. This device is used for adjusting the pitch of the edger’s head.

How is a lawn edger used?

Before you learn how to use this machine, you have to choose a lawn edger which can be appropriate for your use. You need to make a choice between electric and gasoline. You can either choose between an automatic or manual edger. If you don’t want to work hard physically you need to use an automatic edger. Otherwise, a manual machine is appropriate for you. In this way you can reduce costs.

After you purchase anedger and before powering it up you need to make sure you are wearing pants and also glasses for your eyes. This can protect you from any injuries. Earplugs are also recommended as the noise is very high pitch and can damage your ears. They produce 85 decibels of sound which is enough to damage your ears.

When you begin the process of edging make sure you point the blade between the grass and the edge of your sidewalk. You also need to be aware of the trees, mailboxes and many other obstacles which can damage your work. These obstacles are also capable of damaging your edger. After you have removed grass using your edger you need to discard them by throwing them, in a lawn bag or in the garbage.

The key while purchasing an edging device is to reduce the burden of managing a lawn and a garden on your own. So you must make sure you do everything right and leave no stone unturned. Make sure your edger is in its best condition.

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